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1725 Sokak, No.43 is a social project and installation produced and exhibited on site at Flash Atöyle in Izmir, Turkey. 1725 Sokak No. 43 is the address of the Sirribey Pasaji in Izmir, Turkey. It is an architectural reflection of the market, through cyanotype archives of the goods that the merchants sold. The four sides are directional, each side related to the vendor it faced. The impressions of commercial goods are hieroglyphs, the sole common language used to develop a relationship with the vendors. This archive was assembled into a floating cube the same proportions of the exhibition space. The piece is an architectural construction operating as a direct reflection of the passage itself, and a marker of image as heiroglyph over language. 1725 Sokak No. 43 is a reaction to the common marketplace, specific to the site of Flash Atöyle’s location in the Sirribey Pasaji, as well as the larger context of Turkey as the terminus of the Silk Road.


installation view: 1725 Sokak no. 43, 2013. wood, cyanotype on cotton. 63" x 55" x 79"

installation view at Zidoun-Bossuyt Gallery: 1725 Sokak no. 43, 2013. wood, cyanotype on cotton. 63" x 55" x 79"

Panel: 1725 Sokak no. 43 Ahmet, 2013, cyanotype on cotton. 59" x 62"

Panel: 1725 Sokak no. 43 Arif, 2013, cyanotype on cotton. 65" x 92"

Panel: 1725 Sokak no. 43 Esma A, 2013, cyanotype on cotton. 44" x 37"

Kus Mehemt & Halimay, 2013. cyanotype on dyed cotton. two panels, 44" x 34", Collaboration with Olivia Valentine. Impressions of the window gates to the bedrooms of a town head and his wife in Ibrahimpasa, Turkey.


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