fig 17.9 RA, steel, plaster, acrylic enamel, 370 x 84 x 84 cm, 145 x 33 x 33in
fig 17.8 zamora 15, dye sublimation print on canvas with metal hardware, 40 x 20cm, 16 x 7in
existing obelisk on roof of Calle Zamora 15, CDMX

This pair of works, a photograph and a hanging steel structure, is site-specific work for the guadalajara90210 exhibition “El Castillo de los Ladrillos Rotos” at a raw site in Mexico City. On the roof is a small, pre-existing stone obelisk of unknown origin; it looks original to the building. This mini-monument signals that the maker had an (unkown) belief system, expressed through form. The hanging steel construction on the first floor is a reflection of the roof obelisk. Installed nearby but out of site, the accompanying photograph is documentation of the existing roof obelisk. These three elements create a cyclical system, each one ghosting the other. Obelisks are architectural monuments of Egyptian origin. Distributed mostly throughout Europe, it seems the further away obelisks are erected from Egypt, the further the symbolism strays. RA shines down from a single point.